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William Shakespeare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

William Shakespeare - Essay Example The parents of William were John and Mary, in whom father belonged to a merchant class, and mother land gentry. During his teenage years, William’s dad faced with much financial difficulties and it continued till the success and fame of his son. It is not very easy to track the exact details of the life of William Shakespeare, the greatest, writer, poet and art lover of England. Surprisingly, William married women 8 yrs senior to him and became a proud father of three children not very late. The life of William Shakespeare could be categorized in to three phases : the first 20 years in which he completed his schooling and got married and attained father hood, the next 25 years where he explored and practices his writing and poetry skills, and last 5 years when he retired to Stratford to live a satisfying and successful old age. The distinction of Shakespeare was that, he was immensely talented play writer and wrote his works mostly foreseeing the actors in mind. According to ( Mcevoy,19)â€Å" William Shakespeare just like all other play writers of his time working in London playhouse, did not write with readers in mind. He instead wrote lines to speak for actors to speak which has to be understood as soon as they were heards by the audience†. Part II -The Masterpiece of Shakespeare -Romeo and Juliet i)Plot of the story Romeo and Juliet is a famous play written by Shakespeare in his early literary career, and this work went on to become one of his greatest literary works. This play is all about a young couple, Romeo and Juliet, who passionately fall in love each other, and longs for union in a background of hatred and violence. The families of both the lovers are enemies to each other and strongly oppose the romance shared by the young hearts. Romeo being the Son of Lord Montague meets the charming and beautiful Juliet in an uninvited ball and instantly falls in love with her. Interestingly, on the same night Romeo proceeds to the balcony of Juliet to exchange love vows and further decides to get married to his lady of love. ii)Form of the story This play is classic one written by William Shakespeare and unlike his other prologues it starts with a sonnet. As per (Elizabeth) â€Å"Three main sonnet forms have been in use since the Renaissance: the Italian or Petrarchan sonnet, the English or Shakespearean sonnet, and the Spenserian sonnet. Each is named for a poet who made the form famous.†This story initiates with a prologue and explains the outline of the story and is followed by 5 acts which is the rest part of the story .This play is different from most of other plays of Shakespeare as it had no dream scenes or flashbacks. The main centre of attraction of the story is the male character Romeo, and he carries the story till the climax. Structure of the story a)Exposition : The exposition of the story initiates with a prologue and the scene of fighting servants depicts the rivalry of the two families where Romeo and J uliet belong. This prologue defines the enemity that had been long practiced by the two families and indicate that the two lovers in such a case can never have a romantic union. This fight shows the intensity of revenge and hatred boiling in the hearts of the two families. b)First Incident: The initial incident that occurs in the story is the act by Romeo at the ball party, where he arrives uninvited. He here meets Juliet for the first time and innocently falls in love with her at the first sight. c)Rising Action - The action starts to progress greatly at the scene of balcony where each confess their love for each other. They instantly plan to get married and are talked out

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